“Arguments and facts”: how to save money

“Arguments and facts”: how to save money

How not to be left without a livelihood is not taught at school. Moreover, a huge layer of the adult population, who grew up on Soviet postulates, were not ready at all, for the transition to market relations, and still do not accept this fact, deny it.

The younger generation, which has not already lived during the Soviet era, is not in the best position. It would seem that in order to build a modern model of financial relations it is necessary to start with the rising generation. However, the discipline that would teach elementary things – effective management of money – is still not in the compulsory school curricula.

A huge number of people every day are left without work, without a livelihood, without a financial cushion, but with loans, mortgages and fee paid education for their children – the crisis of 2020 demonstrated especially the severity of the situation. Those who have taken care of their future are also suffering economically unstable times, but with much fewer losses than those who did not know how to manage their financial flows.

I have recently talked about this in the article in “Arguments and Facts”. The need for massive implementation of financial literacy is obvious and impossible to deny.

Our Academy of a Private Investor is exactly the platform where a huge line of training packages is presented. Many of them are understandable not only for adults, but also for children and adolescents. The presentation of the material at different levels allows us to talk about effective training for both beginners and businessmen with experience.

It is impossible not to mention the “Genius of Finance” – a unique simulator created according to the realities of the modern financial market. Read more in the source.

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