FINANZ: comments and review of the largest educational program

FINANZ: comments and review of the largest educational program

How to save savings during a crisis? Where to find an additional source of income? Can you protect yourself financially? How to simultaneously study the science of investment and apply the knowledge gained in practice?

A huge number of questions swarm in the head of a modern person. As a rule, these questions become topical for most people in times of crisis. The habit of not thinking about tomorrow, not thinking about the future, leads to the fact that people who lack the banal foundations of financial literacy find themselves face to face with troubles that they could have avoided.

Is it possible to get ready? Possible! And the experience of thousands of people successfully proves this. The first thing that it would be wise to start with, is the study of finance, the rules that help you learn how to manage financial flows as efficiently as possible.

FINANZ published an article with a very detailed review of the “Academy of a Private Investor”– course programs, their specifics, cost and real comments from graduates who have already been trained.

It would seem that whether it makes sense to go through training when it is enough to go to the nearest bookstore or open a search on the network to find all the information you are interested in, both on investments and on finance.

t turns out that everything is not so simple! A simple reading of books or articles on the Internet is certainly better than nothing, but this is clearly not enough to become a truly financially versed person.

It is necessary to study systematically, communicate with teachers-investors, and ask questions. This approach is used at the Academy of a Private Investor, one of the largest international training programs on investment.

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