«Finversia»: API – 6 steps to a profitable portfolio

«Finversia»: API – 6 steps to a profitable portfolio

Just imagine, more than 1,300,000 people have already completed the Private Investor Academy course. The reviews speak for themselves: the participants write that they managed to create a large investment capital from practically nothing, build a profitable business, pay off all debts and even become investment consultants.

The pandemic and remote working have created unique conditions for investment and financial education. On the one hand, people spend a lot of time at home – and rather than spending time watching TV shows, isn’t it better to work on financial independence?

On the other hand, a lot of people prefer to spend time on much less useful and, as they think, pleasant things. They think about protecting themselves, their well-being, their financial peace only at the moment when the crisis has come. The situation in 2020 clearly demonstrated this.

One of the main goals of the Academy of a Private Investor is to introduce the science of financial literacy to the masses. If they don’t teach this at school, don’t talk about it at the university, we have to talk about a comprehensive financial education that you can get on your own.

The Basic Academy course is absolutely free: you just need to register to get it. “8 Rules of a Private Investor” is a concentrate of Andrey Khovratov’s investing experience: the most important secrets in 8 video tutorials.

When the basic lessons are over, you can choose further training. To do this, API has 9 educational and investment products – EIPs – each of which includes several modules. Each next following, more “advanced” module contains both unique materials and those that were contained in previous packages.

Read more about the structure of the API educational program and the opportunities offered by training at the Academy in the article on «Finversia».

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