Why is it always important to want and desire to earn more?

Why is it always important to want and desire to earn more?

When you really want something, it always comes true!

“Dream and Act” is the main motto in my life.

When I was shown this land plot with a beautiful sea view in 2016, I really liked it. But the land plot itself and the adjacent territory were like a trash heap: an iron rusty fence, a descent to the sea by ropes, some unfriendly, envious and angry people, and even the land plot was only six hundred square meters in a dacha cooperative. I even wanted to refuse…

But the picturesque view of the sea gained end, and I came for the third time to this land plot. I sat down, meditated and saw there a beautiful place of kind people, a staircase to the very sea and said to myself: “Andrei, you have to buy this land plot, build a staircase, improve the territory. But the land isn’t enough, and I thought that if somebody of the neighbors would like to move and sell his land and then I will have more land…”

And that exactly how it happened! In two years!

  • One of the neighbors next to me sold me his land plot with a house. I made a separated kitchen there,
  • I improved the territory, built a staircase to the sea and spent more than 10 million rubles
  • we have planted over 200 different trees along the slope to strengthen the slope and the shore.

It is important to dream and desire to earn more

Now there are a lot of kind and positive people here!

There is a proverb that I always remember:
“It’s not the places, that grace the man, but men the places”.

That is why you need to want always to earn more, then you can create beauty and harmony around you.

Dream and Act!

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