The purchase of STO WCRU tokens provides an opportunity to become a co-owner, shareholder, equity holder, shareholder of the Global Investment Fund, which operates in all segments and sectors of the investment market!
This gives you:

  • Access to a balanced and profitable product that will deliver the greatest benefits.
  • Implementation of the NEEM (New Economic Evolution of the World) program, which is aimed at ensuring that the people of the planet Earth can become co-owners and shareholders of the most profitable enterprises on the planet.
  • A new way of development, because in the NEEW program, all people of the planet become co-owners of all the world’s most profitable and useful enterprises and companies.

The uniqueness of the WorldCRU token is a rare opportunity for absolutely everyone to become a co-owner of the assets of the Global Portfolio and create multiple streams of income, such as staking, a pro bonus, a loyalty program bonus and earnings on the growth of the value of the token.