About me

About me

In 1968 23 November 1968 – Andrei Khovratov’s Date of Birth

1976 – 1986 attended the Secondary school No. 9, Krasnoarmeysk

In 1987 Received a Patent for Individual Labor Activity. Andrei was one of the first five entrepreneurs in his town.

1987 – 1990 national service in the Kecskemet artillery regiment (Hungary).

Since 1993 a serial entrepeneur.

1997 investment and insurance cumulative project.

Sinse 1998 started working in the networking business. Within three years income of over 60 000 $/year was achieved. Income for three years was 100 000$ per year.

1999 completed the training program «Private Investments» and became a Financial consultant.

2002 completed investment seminar «School of Money».

2002 – present educates people on such topics as Finance, Investment and Investing. Financial development of a person.

2003was trained at the Dilling Center in Kiev On investments in the Forex market.

2005 completed investment seminar on «Creating of Investment Portfolio»

2005 – 2008 Was engaged in investments in the field of construction and investment real estate.

2006 Was trained in the USA on Investment Real Estate.

2007 Entered the presidential council of the Structural Business Company

2008 Andrei gathered a team of like-minded inviduals and they went to India to build a structural business. The grand opening of the company, was, three years after arriving in India.
At the end of the year the client’s network was over 25 000 people.

Since 2009 has been studying Exchange trading both on stock exchanges and on the FOREX market at the Master Forex Academy and at private traders.

Since 2010 Andrei has been working as an independent Coach and Business-trainer.

September 2011 Founded one of the best training projects in the entire Runet Internet Academy of a Private Investor.

From 2002 to 06.2013 the number of people who received primary education on Investments and Investing from Andrei Khovratov more than 100 000 people.

2014 was invited to the Rail Skyway Systems corporation to head the Directorate for Education and development of partner networks.

01.10.2014 an educational fund was launched to support venture and know-how projects.
Within 5 years a customer database of more than 500 thousand registered users.

30.03.2019 – CryptoUnit Educational Program was created with the purpose of educating people in the areas of the CryptoEconomics Blockchain. Over the year, the customer database has grown to 1.5 million people.
May 2020 – Blockchain CryptoUnit was launched to record the data of both users of the Program and third-party users.
August 2020 – the Swiss Company UGPAY GROUP AG passed permits in the SEC to issue security token WCRU where Andrei is the founder.
December 2020– Blockchain tokens appear on the CryptoUnit Blockchain: UNTB utility token CRU, as well as security token WCRU and stable coin USDU.

Since 1997 Andrei has attended 35 educational seminars and trainings on finance, investment and investing:

  • Private Investment Management
  • Assessment of Objects and Tools of Investment Business
  • Creation and balancing of investment Portfolios
  • Construction and Investment Properties
  • Creating an Investment Climate for the Population
  • Creating a Business from scratch and a Franchise business
  • Offshore Zones and Investment Tax Policy
  • Internet Trading on UX and RTS
  • Online Trading on ROREX
  • Online Trading Stocks and Futures on International Markets
  • Analysis of Volumes when trading on FOREX
  • Creation of a Corporation operating in the investment Business
  • Capital Management of Corporate Investors

For more than 20 years I have been studying the personal and financial development of a person and have created more than 15 author’s trainings on this topic.

Knowledge underlying them is an extract from my own experience and observations. I teach not only specific skills for managing financial position, but also form the correct investment thinking, without which long-term financial success is simply impossible.

On website’s pages you will find working strategies for getting greater results.


Private wealth preservation, multiplying and management consultant.


of the Academy of a Private Investor, NEEW group of companies


A network of partners of more than 750 000 people from 189 countries of the World has been created in the NEEW Group of companies

Leading motivational speaker

of the international assembly of multilevel entrepreneurs


CEO of the CRYPTOUNIT INC.Opportunity to become a co-investor in a global investment portfolio operating in 20 segments of the investment business


In financial and investment personal development 2018 according to MELON RICH magazine and business magazine FINANCE TIMES.


The best business coach was nominated for the «Golden Pen» according to the international edition of NetWork News in 2004




of the International Public Association “Generals of Peace for Peace” Received the title PEOPLES’ GENERAL-MAYOR PEACEKEEPER. Was awarded the medals «Dove of peace», “Guarding the world”


Order of «Business-Glory» and Businessman of the Year in 2018

Based on statistical reports of the Federal Statistical Service of Russia

Encyclopedia «People of our Millennium»

Became one of the outstanding leaders of Russia

Received an award from the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

The purpose of this blog is to educate people on financial literacy. I t is important for me to show that always being with money and having a sufficiently high standard of living is normal and affordable to everyone. I am ready to share my knowledge and philosophy that I acquired during 30 years of my entrepreneurial activity. And also tell about the experience gained in the field of Investments and Investing.


In my rules of Wealth, I say that it is of fundamental importance to aspire to harmonious development of a personality. This is health, relationships and calling – it is important to love your Soul and your Body. Therefore, I devote a lot of attention and a lot of time to my hobbies. I truly believe that my activity is my calling, so I can say for sure that my work = my hobby.

I help people make their dreams come true, teach financial literacy, travel, play tennis and go freediving with the same level of enthusiasm. It is very important for me to live in a society of self-sufficient, strong and successful people. That is why for many years I have been creating a society of progressive people, who can become co-owners and shareholders of the most profitable enterprises on the planet through the CryptoUnit and NEEW programs.


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  1. He is very nice person and a Business development coach.I pray for God to release him as soon as possible.

  2. We want to expand cryptounit digital currency all over the world espetially in Africa

  3. I travelled from New Zealand to Belarus to meet Andre, but moreover to gauge my first impressions and gut feeling about someone I didn’t really know in person. What I can say now, he is “special” in both the physical and metaphysical worlds in my opinion; a true ambassador for the well-being and vitality of the human race. I am grateful for his financial teachings which has set me and my family up for success in an every changing world. Thankyou Andre 😔

  4. the chairman is an outstanding leader .with heart and vision .he has given a lot .with his knowledge in the field of investment and human values ​​. grateful for you

  5. Thank you for your great financially enlightening education for humanity.

  6. The Dedicated Financial Teacher for worldwide students just like me God Bless you long and Healthy life

  7. Tôi biết ơn ông Andrey rất nhiều . Nhờ ông tôi đã học rất nhiều thứ . Tôi từ một người không biết gì . Nay đã biết phân biệt. Thật giả. Biết bảo vệ tiền của mình . Cuộc đời tôi hạnh phúc nhất vì được biết ông.

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