“Novaya Gazeta”: staying “afloat” in any circumstances

“Novaya Gazeta”: staying “afloat” in any circumstances

One of the most difficult years, 2020, is over. It shows us very clearly that everything that seems eternal, unshakable, as stable as possible, can collapse in an instant.

Thousands of specialists in various fields were left without work, once successful businesses were on the verge of collapse, people found themselves face to face with the crisis and were not at all prepared. This situation, as I said in the article in «Novaya Gazeta», especially showed. how people, for the most part, cannot solve their financial problems, cannot manage their finances.

Why? It’s just that no one ever taught them this! At school, we learned everything from the laws of geometry to classical literature. But there was not a word on how to deal with money, how to earn it, save it, increase it.

And while talks about including a necessary subject in the educational program are just beginning, we are already puzzled with this question. At the Academy of a Private Investor, one of the most important areas of training courses is the study of Financial Literacy.

These are the exact foundations you need to start with, if you are just embarking on the path of change. These very foundations will become the basis, the foundation on which you build your wealth, your capital and your business.

We have our own unique approach to material presentation. First of all, it is the ability to choose a format – online or offline training. In addition, students themselves can choose the pace of study and the schedule of «exams».

  • The training includes not only theory, but also practice, so that students can independently apply acquired skills.
  • Each student gets the opportunity to analyze his/her behavior, habits, fears and mistakes that shape him.
  • The most understandable presentation of the basics of financial literacy and investment.
  • Several levels of education are offered, from elementary to higher, depending on the initial level of the student’s training.

Read more about studying finance and investing in the Academy of a Private Investor and the training game “Genius of Finance” in the source.

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