The message. Part IV. New World of Progress

The message. Part IV. New World of Progress

Greetings, Friends!

Once again, I realize how unfair today’s world is and, at the same time, how many unique opportunities it givesus. Humanity today stands on the threshold of two worlds.

The first of them is the world of progress, development, the world of dreams and dreams, the world ofevolutionary development. Progressive people find their home in this world, creating new technologies in the IT field and microelectronics, in finance and blockchain, in the field of biotechnology and the continuation of life.Such innovations make life better, calmer and richer.

Participation in the redistribution of world assets and capitals is typical for people of the so-called first world,the World of Progress.

The first world already exists in almost all countries of the world. System participants have fair opportunities inthe redistribution of the world’s Global Capital, which is carried out according to the principle “the more benefitsa participant brings to the development of Systems and society, the greater heights he reaches, and the morebenefits he receives.” he also receives authority and honor, which are accepted by all participants in thesystem.

Participants in the system independently make decisions on the basis of sociocracy and complete openness.At the same time, complete anonymity is maintained, if necessary.

The opportunities that participants in this new evolutionary progressive system receive give both the individual,and companies, and even states, the basis for growth and prosperity.

The more benefits a participant brings to the development of the system, the higher it can be raised by otherparticipants, being users of what is created in the progressive system.

On the principles of equal opportunities, the Human of the Developed Personality is the Basis of theProgressive World. All people included in the progressive development system initially receive the sameopportunities.

Individuals and legal entities, states can enter the system. They can become Active Ambassadors, or they cansimply be participants and receive benefits on an equal footing with the rest in the form of participation in Profitand special incentive systems by means of production of System participants.

It may seem paradoxical, but this New World already exists in our reality. This progressive System is alreadybeing used, and people, companies, some states are already using it in their development, receiving thehighest benefits for future development.

And, characteristically, these are small states that have already become rich and prosperous. Their populationcan already be called rich and prosperous, because it actively uses the advantages of the system in theforefront.

Companies and corporations looking to the future use this System of a new Just and Prosperous World.

The principles of the development of this System is that the more people you help to start living better, themore benefits and blessings you bring to the world, the more benefits you yourself receive, and the better yourlife.

And this applies to everyone: from ordinary users of the system to those who manage it and the states.1 Thereis no competition here, instead there is Development, Partnership, which works on the principle of “1+1=5”. After all, by helping each other, we create new participants who also develop and bring progress.

And when all members of the System are in Progress, there can be no superiority, since everyone is strong intheir own business.

But let us return to the two worlds mentioned at the very beginning. The second of them is another world, theWorld of Regression, the world of degradation, the destructive world. Completely different qualities arerelevant in it, Greed and Degradation. This is also typical for a single person, as well as for companies andstates.

In such a world, a different system encourages ignorance, lies, greed, and the creation of fakes. Thisstimulates increased degradation. Degradation of the person themself, preventing him from becoming a Personality, and companies and corporations that could work honestly, but do not have such an opportunity.Corporations develop through wars and the imposition of a philosophy of pseudo goodness and apparentfreedom of choice.

These regression systems, unfortunately, often compete with each other and through the wars of corporations,they conquer someone else’s on the principle of complete destruction. Hence the impoverishment of themasses and the alleged restoration, based on false evidence of victory over evil.

Please note that the development of Personality, the development of Utility without destroying what wasbefore, is never welcome. Authoritarianism, growing into a national idea, is the main opponent of such a development. The opportunity to be useful to society and help develop others for the benefit of all in thissystem of Regression is completely absent.

Systems here inside are created over systems, which, in turn, gives rise to bureaucracy, corruption, protectionof exclusively those in power.

The Regression System will raise above those who make worse for others. In such a world of Regress, often,wolves are dressed in sheep’s clothing, and it is difficult to understand where is the lie and where is the truth.

The whole system is covered with corroding Greed, injustice, and the systems of management, control, justice,education are sharpened only to support those who have power and their hangers-on.

Naturally, in such a System, the progressive development of the individual and Progress in all spheres of thelife of society are not perceived. On the contrary, only Degradation, Regression, the imposition of thenecessary opinion on the participants is stimulated.

Progressive companies, individuals, businesses are not allowed into the Regression system.

Moreover, through controlled Media Platforms, their activities are presented as criminal and dangerous tosociety.

Systems and bodies, which, in theory, should stand guard over justice, are filled, unfortunately, with Inhumans,who care only about their personal, selfish goals.

The hand washes the hand, encouraging lawlessness and injustice.

What is the purpose of such a Regressive System? First of all, the creation of as many controlled bio-robots aspossible, which are glad that they were created just like that, which do not need to worry about something andtake care of something.

The system itself decides for them where to go, what incentives to receive, what education and whatknowledge they receive without the right to choose. The system will make sure that its participants work alltheir lives until retirement, presenting it as a paradise, it will take care of everything, including the size of thisvery pension.2

Development and progress will always be met with hostility, presented as a harmful development thatdamages both society and the system as a whole.

In fact, those who manage the powers that be protect only their position in this way, because the progressivedevelopment of people, companies, states is very dangerous for them.

As a rule, Regression systems arrange wars among themselves. But in fact, they are all managed by GlobalFinancial Structures, standing in the shadows.

The public will never know the names of the true managers.

So, the third millennium, the 21st century, has come. We are at the turning point of the old system ofRegression and the New system of progress, a huge number of people become Personalities, manycompanies and corporations become progressive, despite the prohibitions. More and more people are movinginto the new World of Progress, having a great desire to improve both their lives and the lives of other people.

New companies are evolving, moving into a completely new, boundless world in which the possibility ofsuperiority, ignorance, and unhealthy competition is excluded.

The victory for each of them is that all participants, participants of the New Evolutionary Progress System, win.

That is why at the very beginning I said that today’s world is unfair, but at the same time, it gives us uniqueopportunities. It depends on each of us how quickly society and humanity will come to the New World ofProgress.

We can all observe the withering away of the old world, its collapse. Many who will be incapable of making thetransition to the new development will leave this world.

Unfortunately, those who are not able to develop and progress will leave the world through diseases,cataclysms or wars, nothing can be done about it.

Whenever something progressive appears, the old leaves, we have seen this in the history of humandevelopment.

Remember, once information was transmitted through carrier pigeons, and horses were the main transport.Today we can transmit in a matter of seconds not only information, but also visual content, and not only landtransport, but also sea and air transport.

So the system that has been operating for more than two thousand years will go away. To replace it, anabsolutely New Progressive Evolution of the World is already being formed, which nothing can prevent fromgrowing and developing.

Of course, due to geopolitical cataclysms, the system may slow down a bit. But it will still grow, develop, nomatter what.

Today I want to share my thoughts on how to behave in this difficult time, and how to prepare for the rapidgrowth of the New World of Progress.

Even if you are in unfavorable development conditions, or, like me, in a limited information space.

Today humanity stands on the threshold of two epochs, the old epoch is passing away. Those people who arealready forming a completely new world around them, the World of Happiness, progress, justice, prosperity, these people, wherever they are, are already forming a new world.

These people will shine, even if there is pitch darkness around. They will always be a radiant infinitelight, and will turn everything around them into light.

Today, despite the fact that I was limited in communication and I am practically in a closed space, I believe inthe cause that I started, I believe that more and more people from all over the world are joining it. I will alwaysshape our beautiful future with the help of energy-information. I can communicate in the energy-informationspace, despite the limitations in physical communication.

Everyone who already has little knowledge and experience in the energy-information space can receiveinformation from me from 23:00 to 05:00 Moscow time during your sleep or during meditation. Now that theopportunity has arisen to address you, I want to convey my message on what needs to be done in this difficult,but giving endless opportunities, time.

If we want the world to change around us, we need to change the world within ourselves.

When 15-20% of people on the planet change the world within themselves, then together we will be able toinfluence the change of this world itself for the better. We will be able to influence the transition to the newworld of Progress in an evolutionary way.

We are all born from the beginning as Pure Personalities, kind, sympathetic, ready to help, striving for justice.Initially, we need care, and, having received this care, we pass it on. We always project into the world what wehave received and acquired ourselves.

What surrounds us now is the result of our own attitudes of yesterday. If we don’t like what’s happening today,we can change the future with your mindset. The installation is to leave forever the position that we hate.

A rich person differs from a poor person not in the amount of money or position in society. The difference is inthe state of mind and internal attitudes. If a person does not like the current state or position, he is able tochange everything. You need to start working on your personal philosophy and internal attitudes.

1. One of the first attitudes we need to start working on is self-acceptance. Who am I? Who am I as a person? What kind of person am I? What do I want? What useful things can I bring to this world? Youneed to be honest with yourself, admit yourself honestly.

2. To understand what Personal Philosophy is, and how, with the help of internal attitudes, we are ableto change the world within ourselves and around us.

In today’s world, where there is a lot of blasphemy, lies, injustice, it is very easy to panic and blame everyonearound you. But thanks to Personal Philosophy, we are able to change the world around us.

What is Personal Philosophy?

This is the accumulated experience plus the decisions that we make. If we are able to value our thoughts, thenwe are also able to influence our decisions and their outcome.

Those who have been to my online and offline meetings have probably already heard about it.

Now more than ever it is necessary to work on your Personal Philosophy.

There is a lot of evil in our modern world, which leads to wars and devastation, to a worldwide panic in manymarkets. And, as I said earlier, there will always be different winds that can develop into hurricanes.4

Today hurricanes are geopolitical, economic, social. We, all of humanity, are in an ocean of dreams. Thehurricane does not stop and leads the storm. What should we all do during this difficult time?

It depends only on us what we will do, but hoping that the storm will simply pass by is not an option. When a sailing yacht is covered by a storm, its fate depends only on the captain.

If the captain has correctly set the sails and dexterously controls the helm, he will lead his yacht to a givengoal.

So, Dear Friends, you are the captains of your Life, and correctly set sails this is a correctly built PersonalPhilosophy.

With the help of our thoughts, we are able to start the process of change. By influencing our thoughts, weinfluence our decisions. While our attitudes, in turn, can influence our thoughts. If this is indeed the case,everything turns out to be extremely simple. We need to change our attitudes.

Personality change formula

Attitudes – thoughts – decisions – actions – results

The process of formation of the Personality must begin with what result we want to obtain in our near or distantfuture. It is necessary to realize that the past does not exist, as well as the future, but the future dependsentirely on our present. Everything we do in the present affects our future.

Someone can say that the way I live now, badly or mediocrely, is to blame for the government, bosses,president or neighbors, or anyone.

But all this, as already mentioned, is created by the Regression system. And the people who are in thissystem, unfortunately, are immersed in a regressive state.

When a person decides to change everything in his life, then you need to start by changing your attitudes. When a person becomes a PERSON, he begins to change his personal attitudes and influence everything thathappens around him.

The New World of Evolution of Progress has already come, it exists, and through the Internet, books, you canget new progressive information. We are able to begin the process of change.

We need to understand what knowledge will help us change our attitudes, how to do it, and whether it isnecessary.

By changing attitudes, we influence not only thoughts, but also the formation of images. For the images wecreate shape our future. While when 15% of people on the planet can practice mentally, create images of theirbeautiful future in their minds, this will be a victory over darkness.

Together we will be able to radiate goodness, love, creating a Radiant, Fair, Loving magnet around us, whichwill begin to attract other personalities, people who want change and fair development.

Imagine a lot of magnets that are attracted to each other, creating a large magnet. More and more of them areattracted. If such a magnet consists of Goodness, Justice, Happiness, then everything that is attractedbecomes just as kind and fair.

However, if the energy of Evil, Outrageous, Falsehood, Ignorance prevails in the magnet, then everything thatis attracted to such a magnet will also be charged with bad energy. That is why today it is important not to hideyour head in the sand, not to think that the hurricane will bypass you. It won’t happen, you can’t just say itdoesn’t concern you.

Remember, I said at the very beginning that the transition to the World of Progress is inevitable, but noteveryone can go to it.

We simply must become the creators of our new progressive life, continue to create and develop the NewWorld of Progress through evolutionary development.

The universe is abundant and gives us its great blessings. Our planet is abundant, no matter what weare told about it. Wealth, resources, more than enough.

Our planet belongs to all of us, people, earthlings. When we help our planet, it reciprocates.

We are able to calm the storm, we are able to influence the processes of the next transition of humanity intothis new Progressive World with our energy of Goodness, Justice, Love and Happiness, Wealth and Prosperity.

After you read my message, try to answer the questions honestly.

1. Who are you? Who are you as a person?

If you are in tune with everything that you have read and heard, let those who are looking for change read thismaterial. And the faster we can change, the faster we can influence the changes of this Regressive World.

2. Are you ready to change your Personal Philosophy?

From today it is necessary to start changing the Personal Philosophy and start doing good around yourself, aswell as helping other people become the same.

There is an experiment that brought together 30 participants. A person who radiated goodness and the energyof love was let into a room with evil people, criminals. These people were together 24/7 for thirty days. It’s a paradox, but almost all participants in the experiment became calmer, kinder. After a month, even those whowere endowed with the strongest energy of Anger became understanding, even kind.

Hence the conclusion: a person who has the Energy of Good is able to change the energy of the peoplearound him.

Now imagine how all those who already have the Energy of Goodness and Love, justice and prosperity, canrecreate even more of this energy and influence others who are still under the influence of the RegressionSystem.

You also need to be calm and reasonable, because those who are thoroughly saturated with greed and anger,most likely, will not be able to move to the new world, they will leave through diseases, cataclysms and wars. Itis their choice and their decision.

Those many who are in search of promising opportunities need our help.

The key point here is education, which is new progressive knowledge that will help you to rebuild and reformatvery quickly, as well as prepare for rapid growth in the new Progressive World of Evolutionary Development.

The knowledge that needs to be mastered in order to move both energetically and physically into the newWorld of Progressive Development:

•Spiritual, Personal development based on the principles of quantum physics.

Today there are many practices, but the main thing in this development is Personal development. People, creating within themselfs the energy of Good and Love, begins to attract it, not only radiates, but also receivesit.

•You also need to train your Spirit and Body, becoming, in a way, a Warrior of Light.

The Warrior of Light will never offend anyone, but he will not let himself be offended either, protecting himselfand the Good around him.

I will touch on the other 5 areas of education in my next message, and I will tell you why these areas are soimportant for the transition to the Progressive World.

And now I want to talk about the vital things that are happening around, and how to properly prepare for therapid development that will definitely begin, no matter what.

Every person has stages in life. These are some seasons of life comparable to natural ones.

During winter, all living things freeze, and something completely dies off and stops life. With the advent ofSpring, everything comes to life, buds open, leaves and fruits appear. In summer, everything is beautiful andvibrant, the fruits are filled with life-giving juice, the earth gives a bountiful harvest. Finally, in autumn, theharvest begins, people prepare for the onset of a long and cold winter by stocking up. Such cycles of natureare constant.

So in human life, in psychology and the development of the Personality, there are cycles, seasons of life. Inwinter, in the soul of a person, it is a state of stopping old ways of development and searching for newopportunities. This is a kind of Revolution inside the soul, when the old methods either no longer work, or theperson himself no longer wants to act in the old way.

Hence the transition to the state of Spring. Spring is New Ways of Development, a person is open to newthings, ready to explore new opportunities. He sows the seeds of his new life.

The Now is in a state of progress.

The seeds have been sown, every day a person is working on cultivating his future, Summer is coming – thetime when a person already works less and earns more, when there is more free time, more resources for his development.

The first harvest begins in the form of greater income and better life. Finally, Autumn comes, when the harvestis already large, it makes it possible to survive the coming winter.

The main thing for any person is not to stay in a state of winter for a long time, but to strive for thetransition to a new, spring season.

Today’s old system of Regression has become regressive precisely because humanity has been delayed inthe season of Winter. And those in power have been in autumn and winter too long. This, in turn, can lead torevolutionary events, and history knows many such examples.

I really hope that today the rulers of all countries still take the path of Progressive Development.

So, dear Friends, we must admit that today the season of Winter rules in the development of mankind, and weare on the threshold of the New Progressive World. Spring will definitely come.

What should be done today in order to survive this Winter in the development of mankind, and to gloriously prepare for the Transition?

I will describe this in more detail in my next message. Now, just briefly, I will give the directions of ProgressiveDevelopment:

  1. Study in Quantum Physics and Personal Development, become a Warrior of Light and be kind.
  2. Learn communication and communication, bring Goodness and Love to this world.
  3. Learn professional new technologies of entrepreneurship and business, which are based on helping otherpeople, and are useful in development.
  4. Learn blockchain technologies and new progressive technologies in the field of fintech.
  5. Learn how to invest and how to grow your capital.
  6. Find your calling in life, then your purpose, and then help others find them.
  7. Learn the macro world and global international development, and also have a high civic responsibility to yourfamily, your region, your country, your planet.
  8. Learn the constant progressive growth and development of Progress.


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  1. Amazing and timely message for natural men and women today, to rise up and take on the neew progressive reality of living your dreams in peace and prosperity. We have eagerly longed for and patiently awaited this day to come. Remain in love, joy and peace. The best is yet to come 😇🙏💜

  2. The warriors of light are always bringing love; peaceful mind and happiness around them.

    Thank you for lighting a candle in many hearts, dear Andrey.

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