Tomorrow comes today

Tomorrow comes today

Greetings, dear friends!

Tomorrow is August 18, and for several cycles it was on these days that economic crises and collapses began – 1988, 1998, and 2008. In 2018, they were deliberately delayed until January 18-20, 2020.

And all of you remember the events related to the coronavirus of 20-21. It just started to seem that we have moved away from the coronavirus crisis, everything seemed to be getting better, and suddenly we all became witnesses, and some became participants in the events that began at 4:00 am on 24.02.2022. And the world plunged into a terrible state once again and we could all but think it couldn’t get any worse?

The modern model of the world, unfortunately, does not meet the needs of the average person. That is why today 90% of people in the world suffer from the actions of politicians and government officials.

If tomorrow, August 18, 2022, nothing happens – it will be very good news. But if economic cataclysms occur, then you should know what you have in your hands today – the MLCI business, the EvoScent program, blockchain technologies. All of this can give you incredible growth.

The world is changing. The world of regress collapses and eats itself. And there is no difference – be it Europe, the USA, Russia or China. Everywhere, the power belongs to those who are, and they are being told what to do. That is, there are puppeteers who pull the strings of everyone who is in power.

Now is the time for change, big change. 15.08.2022 would have celebrated his birthday, if he were alive, one of the Soviet singers Viktor Tsoi. He sang the following:

“And two thousand years of war

War for no reason

War is the business of the young

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“”Change!” our hearts demand.

“Change!” our eyes demand.

In our laughter and in our tears,

And in the pulsation of the veins –


We are waiting for change!”


These were some of the top songs in the USSR in the early nineties. Changes have taken place, and what do we see now? Today we experience a return to 30-40 years ago, to the confrontation between the world of good and evil. But who is evil and who is good? Each side says they are good and the other side is evil.

As in the times of the Cold War, today we see that ordinary people are the ones who suffer first and foremost, and those in power are measuring their strengths among themselves. But the real puppeteer is always in the shadows. As in a puppet theater, when there are a lot of threads on the puppets, and the one who is in the shade pulls each thread at the right time.

We can say that everything is terrible, everything is bad, that it is an all out disaster. And yes, this is a disaster for the old world. But those who already see the New World, the world of progress, will succeed and create great success.

Some religious books describe a situation where people approach the great prophet and ask him when the “Kingdom of God” would come? And he answered: “The kingdom of God has already come. It’s already here. Open your eyes and start living in it.”

Nothing has changed in more than 2 000 years. Many are still waiting to be led to a better world. But the better world is already here, already among us. You need to open your eyes and start living in it. You need to move into this world, just take one step towards the transition and get into new energies that will take you to the New World of happiness, abundance and wealth. No one but ourselves will do it.

Today’s time, which happens once in 1000-2000 years, for those who are able to see the Time of Great Changes, I would call golden, diamond, high-speed. Time, thanks to which you are able to create incredible success in a very short time. I have been waiting for this time since 2008, and when it came, the evil forces limited me. Unfortunately, I cannot do what you can do.

What I would do now if I were in your shoes:

  1. I would start working actively with EvoScent. This program captures the three worlds of business – offline, online and crypto. And in times of global depression, the MLCI business is the best deal in the world over the last 2 000 years.

I finished the “The Most Unique Opportunity in Human History” book. In it, I described what will give 90% of people huge financial growth right now.

  1. I would start working like in the 1980s-1990s + online. By the same principle, that is, from person to person, from heart to heart.

By October, I will have finished my second book, “The Best You Can Be in the MLCI Business”. There I describe clear instructions on how to become a successful MLCI entrepreneur with the highest company status within 2-5 years and how to create revenues of more than $1 million per year. I am describing my experience. And I have vast experience in building structures offline since 1988, online since 2010 and in the crypto world since 2019.

  1. Dream and Act.

Create a collage, set goals until 2025 and take action. Here is your million in the MLCI business:

Dreams х 10

Wishes x 10

Faith x 10

Goals x 10

Planning x 10

Actions x 10


1 000 000

Be sure to watch my “Analyzing Your Dreams” video and start taking action right away.

I was, am and always will be with you.

Sincerely, Andrey Khovratov (MLCI Guru)


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  1. You are truly an inspirational leader. I feel truly blessed to have found and joined this community. The best ever with what’s offered. Faithful now and into the future. God continue to bless and guide you Andrey.

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