Andrey Khovratov about effective education in a crisis Andrey Khovratov about effective education in a crisis

Surely you know people who, having a job, an income and an education, are nevertheless unable to control their lives. This can show itself in different ways. Some get into debts and loans, and do not know how to get out of them.

Others are not able to scrape until their next salary and are forced to save on the bare essentials. There are also those who have nothing to their name, there is no savings that could somehow soften an unexpected blow of fate.

In a nutshell, people have reached adulthood, but simply cannot manage their finances, and this is sad. Unfortunately, in our society, there are majority of such people. And in my recent article in, I again raise the issue of financial literacy of the population.

It is worth saying that it is never too late to learn how to handle money. If you have not been taught this at school or at the university, get down to business yourself, on your own. If, of course, there is a wish to change something in your life.

A huge number of people today are financially illiterate, and the question of including lessons “about money” in the educational program remains open. In 2011, on the basis of the Academy, several Training Information Courses were created, 90% of them are based on personal experience.

This training is available to people of any income, any level of knowledge, any profession. The courses are designed in such a way that both a beginner and a person with experience and some knowledge base can learn the science of finance and investment.

The knowledge that is given in the process is the basis for the formation of financial and investment literacy skills and the further development of the student. Read more about this in the source.


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