Andrey Khovratov on when to change your life Andrey Khovratov on when to change your life

Do you love to learn? Or did your education end when you received the cherished diploma from the university? Unfortunately, we tend to look for excuses for ourselves, not thinking about the reasons for laziness, inaction, going round in circles.
More precisely, many people justify themselves, while those who do not like doing this continue to move forward.
So, let’s imagine a situation: a person works, receives a salary, which for some reason is not enough, manages to borrow and regularly have bank loans. Does it sound familiar? Even if you consider that you are not that kind of person, you probably know such people.
Why don’t these people try to make progress, don’t try to change their situation? Because they will find a lot of excuses instead of taking actions. And especially such people do not like to study, because children, students study, and not grown-ups!
This approach, unfortunately, leads to poverty and certainly does not promote welfare. In a newsland article, I decided to speculate about when to start learning, and whether age prevents from it.

In fact, the answer to this question is simple: it is never too late to learn, learn new things, self-improve. And if in childhood you were not taught how to handle money, if you did not learn this at school or at the university, why don’t you start changing your life right now?
For my part, I can say that I have been learning new things all my life. Having reached the height, it is worth looking not down, but up, set new goals, create new plans, gain new knowledge and keep moving. Interesting? Read the source for more details.


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