BRODUDE: how to achieve financial success

BRODUDE: how to achieve financial success

Financial literacy, the basics of investment, running business – today it seems that you can learn everything, just go online. However, it turns out to be reasonable to ask what decision will be correct: to look for high-quality materials on your own, wading through the jungle of financial science alone, or to master relevant knowledge under the guidance of a professional.

In the learning process, we use all the main resources we have: money, time and effort. Moreover, if the first, a financial resource, is renewable, then no one will return the energy and time that you spend.

Learning from masters, according to an already formed program, with those materials that were useful to students before you, significantly saves resources and helps to achieve the desired – knowledge and skills – much faster. In my interview with BRODUDE, I talk about the effectiveness of education and the role of the API in solving this problem. I am often asked about how I manage to reach new heights over and over again, earn more and more money, correctly distribute, save and increase what I have earned. The answer is extremely simple: I really love life. And I also really like to count money. Money is the tool that helps to fulfill wishes, bring bold ideas to life, and achieve a high-quality standard of living.
But most of the people on the planet do not know the laws of money as such. This means that thousands of people simply do not have the necessary knowledge to qualitatively improve their lives, to make it better.

For myself, many years ago, I identified one global mission – to help people understand financial laws and teach everyone financial literacy. For over 20 years this dream has been sparking me, and it has turned into many projects. One of them is the Academy of a Private Investor, established back in 2011.

API in an accessible form brings to the masses the knowledge of financial literacy, which is necessary for everyone, without exception. Read more in the source.

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