Multilevel Marketing and Crowdinvesting: how do they work?

Multilevel Marketing and Crowdinvesting: how do they work?

How does tiered marketing and crowdinvesting work? What is their main concept? How is a marketing scheme related to education and why it is attractive to business customers who distribute goods or services.

One of the distinctive features of network marketing is investing part of the profit in the development of a network of distributors of goods or services. Depending on the commercial niche and marketing strategy, multilevel marketing participants can invest 15 to 50% of their income in expanding the network.

One of the types of network marketing is affiliate programs when manufacturers of goods or services share a small part of the marginal profit with regular customers who bring new customers to them. This also allows companies to quickly spread information about themselves to their target audience.

So what does the synthesis of multilevel marketing and crowdinvesting give?

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