What is CryptoUnit?

The purchase of STO WCRU tokens provides an opportunity to become a co-owner, shareholder, equity holder, shareholder of the Global Investment Fund, which operates in all segments and sectors of the investment market!

Thus, we continue to implement the NEEW (New Economic Evolution of the World) program, which is aimed at ensuring that the people of planet Earth can become co-owners and shareholders of the most profitable enterprises on the planet.

This will give society the opportunity to follow an absolutely new path of development, since in the NEEM Program all people of the planet Earth become co-owners of all the world’s most profitable and useful enterprises and companies, creating one Global Corporation in the World. Earthlings will take an active part in solving all issues related to profitability and distribution of profits, with issues of social development of society, aimed at the formation of a high level of Consciousness.

This will bring Peace, Prosperity, Wealth, Usefulness, Longevity and Health to Planet Earth to help the Planet cleanse itself of Physical Garbage through processing into useful Energy and from Energetic Garbage in the minds of Earthlings with the help of a new and advanced education.

What have we achieved

In August 2020, the WCRU token was registered as a share of the Global Portfolio in the Securities Commission (SEC)and entered the STO. The description of the CryptoUnit tokenomics is contained in the White Paper, which you can find at this link.

From about mid-January 2020, through UGPay Group AG, registered in Switzerland, it will be possible to buy WCRU security tokens and gain access to the Global Investment Portfolio.

  • There is already a CryptoUnit blockchain of its own.
  • There is its own payment system Clobal Unit Pay.
  • Regular dividend income is accrued.
  • Reporting meetings are held every month.
  • An open opportunity for training and attending webinars.
    March 20 – the official opening of trading on the crypto exchange is scheduled.

You can get a link for registration on the exchange from your invitee, or by contacting the company’s support service.

Brief presentation of the CryptoUnit program

Friends, watch the playlist with questions and answers conveniently cut into short videos on my YouTube channel at the link.

To learn more about the CryptoUnit program, register in your Personal Account right now!

You can get a link for registration on the exchange from your invitee, or by contacting the company’s support service.

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The uniqueness of the WorldCRU token is a rare opportunity for absolutely everyone to become a co-owner of the assets of the Global Portfolio and create multiple streams of income, such as staking, a pro bonus, a loyalty program bonus and earnings on the growth of the value of the token.

I am always open to cooperation, so you can offer your own idea for business development, and I personally or my managers will definitely answer.

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