NEEW – New Economic Evolution of the World

NEEW – New Economic Evolution of the World

What is the New Economic Evolution of the World? The very concept of “evolution” does not imply radical, destructive measures to change the path of development, so that the changes have a beneficial effect on the lives of all segments of the population.

The NEEW is based on the idea that not only the “upper classes”, a rich category of the planet’s population, but also the “lower classes”, those who are not satisfied with the quality of their lives, follow a new path of development, which should lead both to prosperity and well-being.

In this, evolution is fundamentally different from the revolution, the experience of which already exists in our country.

What is the point of the New Economic Evolution of the World

How can both rich and poor walk the same path and still be content? The main condition for such an evolution of society is as follows:

  • not only rich people, but also ordinary, middle class, should gain access to participation in various programs, industries, companies, businesses and the economy in general, and will benefit from this economy.

Let’s imagine a simple but not yet implemented situation. If at least half of the ownership of energy companies in the world belonged to the average people, and they received income from this every month, then they would not be afraid of any increase in fuel prices.

We observe the opposite situation: the world energy companies are owned by a limited circle of people who raise fuel prices, and ordinary people suffer from this. And there are a lot of such examples.

If ordinary people were content, sufficiently well off, then there would be no destruction, wars, clashes and finally poverty.

  • NEEW gives ordinary people the opportunity to become co-owners, partners in the most profitable enterprises and business areas, in order to benefit from this.

Moreover, those organizations that are already in this system also benefit. In our time, the largest companies have reached a dead end, having reached the maximum capital growth, and they are simply unable to move on.

Due to the introduction of the technology of the New Economic Evolution of the World, companies receive opportunities for capital growth at least tenfold in a short time.

New Economic Evolution of the World by Andrey Khovratov


Why is world peace so hard to keep

Today, the ratio between the capital of average people and those who own the largest companies is about 10 to 90. This is not new, and has been observed not only for centuries, but for millennia.

This minimum can be reduced. And every time it shifts downward, wars and unrest break out, since the dissatisfaction with the quality of their lives of ordinary people also has a limit.

  • Wars, terrorism, clashes, revolutions have one root cause – class inequality.

The opposite situation is also possible. As soon as 70% of people start using 30% of money, and 30% of people use seventy percent of money, peace, welfare and prosperity comes.

This is achievable and is another goal of NEEW.

NEEW creates a new model of a modern investor.

Most people on the planet are so far from the investments and opportunities of the modern market that they cannot change the existing situation with the power of their knowledge.

  • The task of the New Economic Evolution of the World is to create qualified, professional investors who understand how to “make” money, where to invest it, how to participate in different areas of the market.

Thus, the same 10/90 balance can be shifted towards increasing the well-being of not a limited number of people, but of the common population of the planet.

The essence of the New Economic Evolution of the World

The point of the New Economic Evolution of the World When the standard of living of an ordinary person becomes qualitatively higher, then we can already talk about an increase in the standard of living, prosperity, and well-being of the population of the Earth as a whole.

  • The New Economic Evolution of the World is a kind of way out for modern mankind in the system of its development.

NEEW is a New Economic Evolution of the World is based on the participation of each person in the activities of the companies that he uses.

NEEW’s activities include several areas. These are:

  • high-quality training in financial and investment literacy, personal finance management, preservation and growth of capital, personal growth;
  • development of the “CryptoUnit” program, which makes it possible to become a co-owner of the Global Investment Portfolio, which already contains more than 60 investment market instruments;
  • the opportunity for participants to receive promotion within the Loyalty Program and Profi Bonus;
  • highly profitable business through multilevel crowdinvesting.

You can improve your financial literacy, learn how to manage your financial flows, and, consequently, invest in yourself and your future by joining the Academy of a Private Investor membership!

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