WorldCryptoUnit and UgpayGroup AG company

WorldCryptoUnit and UgpayGroup AG company

Our company is developing at cosmic speeds! Every month we reach new heights, implement the original idea of ​​creating New Economic Realities. And we are confident that everything is going exactly as planned!

Modern realities

UgpayGroup AG is a company registered in the Swiss jurisdiction that will officially deal with the sale of WCRU security tokens.

  • WCRU (WorldCRU) is a security token (digital share), which will begin to be freely sold and change the owners of tokens after the required freeze period of 365 days on an external exchange.

UGPay Group AG has beenregistered with the SEC according to the REG D regulation and rules:

  • Regulation D allows to avoid the registration of a specific offer by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) if the creators completed Form D after the securities were sold.
  • Regulation D also permits general inquiries that allow a company to raise awareness through advertising.

Issues bodies operate under three laws: Rule 506 (b), Rule 506 (c) and Rule 504.

Ugpay Group AG investments in promising projects

Thus, we can say that UGPay Group AG is a kind of guide for the introduction of WCRU security tokens to the world arena of investors.

At the moment, preparatory work is continuously being carried out on the site, the IT department and the legal department are verifying all the data, and very soon UGPay Group AG will begin to perform its work in full force.

From the middle of January 2021, the Global Investment Portfolio will be available to private and corporate clients through the purchase of WCRU security tokens at the rate of 1 token = 1 “digital share” of the Portfolio. You can learn more about this from the document describing the CryptoUnit tokenomics – White Paper at this link..

We have successfully passed all the assessment and test procedures necessary for correct operation, which means that you can be sure of our reliability and responsibility.


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