How to create a new Economy of Abundance for all Humanity?

How to create a new Economy of Abundance for all Humanity?

NEEW gives the answer. NEEW is a concept of “New Economic Evolution of the World”, the author of which is our Leader and Head Andrey Fedorovich Khovratov.

By 2007, Andrei Fedorovich Khovratov had a clear understanding what kind of future awaits us in the next 20 years. This future threatened the entire Humanity with economic and social catastrophe.

He realized that it was necessary to work on the creation of NEEW! After all, we must leave our children a better world than it was before us, and inspire them to follow our example – do you agree?

The NEEW concept outlines the reasons of the dead-end development of the Old Economy, functioning according to the principles of Capitalism:

  • suppression of the development of the economy and personality in the interests of financial magnates
  • competition (often on the principle “the end justifies the means”)
  • redistribution of the results of general labor in favor of only 10% of the population (often through selection)

I.e. That is the mechanisms of the Old Economy redistribute the cumulatively created (now by the entire Planet!) product in favor of 10% of the population, who own 90% of all the wealth of the world economy. Accordingly, the remaining 90% of people own the remaining only 10% of the wealth (money).

Is it possible to make the situation more harmonious?

This question NEEW theory gives answers:

Yes, it is possible by changing the form and principles in the New Economy.

First of all, it is necessary to redistribute the World Income.

And here is one very important nuance!!!

The revolutionary path that was used in Russia in 1917 is strongly unacceptable.

What should we do, then?

  • ANSWER: The available legal mechanisms such as part ownership of the maximum number of people, first of all, the key enterprises of the world economy, and secondly, large and small businesses in the region.

This is beneficial for all participants of the New Economy.

Ordinary people regularly receive part of the profits from the work of the businesses they become co-owners (the so-called “passive income”).

This allows people to “stop surviving” (often in the literal sense of the word), provides the means and time for self-development, self-education and, ultimately, do what you love and create even more usefulness in the chosen area for society as a whole.

What will make us happier and more fulfilled, both in general, as a society, and in particular, as a specific individual.

The essential condition here is the universal financial literacy of the population.

To solve this problem, in 2011, the ACADEMY OF A PRIVATE INVESTORwas founded and functions to the present day.

At the same time, businesses receive, first of all, an army of loyal customers who are ready to consume and be advocates of the brand of this particular product (isn’t this the Dream of any entrepreneur!).

And also there is no need to be sold to large investors, and then implement the interests of this investor (like Edison, or to be fired from your own enterprise (like Steve Jobs)!

A critical condition here is the readiness and technical implementation of the principle of open reporting, when, somewhere even in real time, financially literate investors can see all the necessary figures for the company’s economic activity and influence decisions.

Thus, the implementation of the New Economic Evolution of the World will allow each person to:

  • be a co-owner of an enterprise
  • be a consumer of the products of this enterprise
  • participate in the management of this enterprise
  • receive a share of the company’s profit according to the proportion of your block of shares
  • stop fighting for survival
  • develop your personality freely
  • improve the quality of life
  • do what you love
  • bring the best to the life of the Planet and Society according to your talents



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