Message to all citizens of the Earth!

Message to all citizens of the Earth!

Dear friend!

I am glad to welcome you among the partners of the “CryptoUnit” program!

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your attention and trust in our common goal! From the moment you became a member of the closed club, our company and its mission have become common.

One of the main reasons for the emergence of world revolutions is the economic inequality of citizens. After all, it’s no secret to anyone that 1% of the richest population owns more wealth than 99% of the remaining people, which often leads to division, class inequality and discontent in society, and subsequently to revolutions, wars and terrorism. The very term “revolution” implies a radical, sharp turn in any area of ​​human activity. But are such fundamental shocks always beneficial to society? The question is rhetorical.

What do we suggest?

We suggest uniting all strata of society for a smooth transition to a new model of economic development, a model of prosperity and welfare for all mankind – the New Economic Evolution of the World.

Society can follow the path of prosperity only if the majority of ordinary people get the opportunity to become co-owners of industrial production and enterprises, large businesses, companies and breakthrough technologies. This will give society the opportunity to take a completely new development path. Only in this case the majority of people will live in financial prosperity and goodness, and accordingly, the grounds for wars and upheavals will simply run out.

Creation of CryptoUnit will allow to implement the NEEW program in a very short time. The main goal of the CryptoUnit project is to unite together more than 35% of people on the planet to bring the program of the New Economic Evolution of the World into reality. All this will provide the basis for the development for the future millennia for our children, grandchildren and descendants, who will honor our current beginnings in all future times.

I know and believe that we will be successful, without a shadow of a doubt!

Only by uniting together, we can create a New Prosperous World! We can only win when everyone wins. Each of us can be prosperous only when all are prosperous!

P.S. Let us remind you that in the back office of the CryptoUnit (CRU) program you have the opportunity to generate a certificate for the UNIT / CRU Points available on your balance.

You can get a certificate on the way:
Portfolio – Certificates – Generate Certificates


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