«Kommersant»: about innovation in modern business

«Kommersant»: about innovation in modern business

Any person, even with an income of 10-30 thousand rubles, is able to create a capital income of 1-10 million rubles and more in 5-10 years, if he comprehends the Understanding of the Science of Investing. For over twenty years I have been bringing the science of Financial Literacy to a level that will be understandable absolutely to everyone.

One of the things to understand is that a person who works only in one job is engaged in only one business, the likelihood of impressive capital is practically reduced to zero.

Only investments in yourself and in progressive instruments can help achieve financial independence and freedom. At the same time, market analysis is required, as well as an assessment of new directions in investment and business.

The system of multilevel crowdinvesting is the system that I consider to be a unique direction that helps both earn a lot of capital and keep it in the future. I talk about this in detail to Kommersant in one of my latest articles.

A unique combination of high earnings using the MLM method and preserving and increasing capital in the future through owning shares in companies and enterprises – this is what is relevant, this is what people should be interested in. This is MCI – Multilevel Crowdinvesting – the main trend in business for the coming decades.

One day people in our country were afraid of MLM, afraid of its novelty and unconventional ways of doing business. Now the network business is familiar, but a new one has appeared – MСI – which, I am sure, will enter our life just as firmly, and will help a considerable number of people earn and increase their capital.


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