“Finam”: on the role of financial literacy in human life

“Finam”: on the role of financial literacy in human life

We rarely think about the level of our financial literacy. That is, people, for the most part, think little about how to manage money, preferring that money manages them. Unfortunately, everything changes with the advent of the crisis.

In unstable times, the most acute issues are revealed, those that were not so noticeable before. When the crisis broke out, it became especially noticeable how our population and our compatriots were not prepared for such a turn.

Any person should have some kind of “backbone”, the basis in the form of your own financial rules, which will support you at any time. This foundation is, in a certain way, financial literacy. I have recently talked about this in the article “Finam”.

Modern man is faced with another one problem – the abundance of information. There are so many sources for its gaining, they are so diverse that it is very difficult to choose really worthwhile materials, sort them from information garbage.

Back in 2011, the Academy of a Private Investor was created, and today it has become a major online educational portal on financial and investment literacy.

On the basis of the API online training portal, unique Educational Programs have been created that allow anyone in a very short time to:

  • reorient to a “financially literate” way of thinking;
  • learn about investing and how to invest;
  • create your own balanced, diversified investment portfolio;
  • gain financial independence and freedom;
  • completely reorganize to business thinking;
  • create a completely new approach to business development.

It is also important that the training materials are structured, so that a person of any level of literacy in finance issues, can receive the information necessary and important for him. Read the source for more details on this topic.

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